Monday, March 5, 2012

Layered Shag Hairstyle 

Layered shag hairstyle is a great haircut for many women, because it can be worn in different ways. While it works best with short hair and layered length hair, a shag cut can even be worn with long hair. If you like being able to pull your hair back off of your neck into a ponytail, consider a longer or layered shag hairstyles with less layered.Even though these layered shag hairstyle are longer, they will still be fairly easy for you to manage and will require less styling time than other curly hairstyles.Bangs can change the layered shag hairstyle. Side-swept bangs are good for almost any face shape, while blunt bangs look best on heart- or oval-shaped faces. Hairdo Hairstyles says, “Just about anyone can wear a fringe, it just needs to be styled to your face and shape.” Ask a professional stylist for help when choosing bangs for your layered shag hairstyle.