Friday, June 29, 2012

Bimbos and Window Dressings.

Do you know her? You should because as per US Govt. she is a “Genius” worthy of special visa for individuals with extra-ordinary ability.

I am not joking. So far her “extraordinary ability” seems to be limited to appearing in the Playboy magazine as their Miss November 2010. Her name is Shera Bechard, the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Playboy Enterprises founder Hugh Hefner. Now you know that America is in trouble.  

And if we get time to look around, we may find “Fast and Furious” that I wrote about yesterday is here on schedule. Did someone say that there is no proof of month end window dressing? May be not but there is enough proof of quarter ending window dressing. After the disappoint of no QE 3, it was least they could do to goose up the books, so that the report to the investors would not be that bad. And of course we have to recover the $5 billion that “Whale” lost sometimes back. Or is it $ 9 Billion. What do the small differences matter anyway? It’s all free.

Somehow, we had advance information of these shenanigans and we are not surprised. The 1365 level in the 1st week of July, which I wrote about 15 days back, is almost here. In fact I would love to see it reach 1380 by the end of the week. Because we also know what is next. Don’t be surprised to see that mood has suddenly turned positive and folks start talking about technical indicators giving buy signals. Although you cannot fool all the people all the time, but when Government is on your side, rather when you own the Government, you can come pretty close to that.

So let us enjoy this nice weekend in the grandeur of delusion that we live in free democracy. At least we are lucky enough to buy drinks and gamble as we wish with the food stamps. Isn’t it a great country or what!

Thanks for sharing my take on the end game. Be safe out there.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patriotic Rally?

All the noise for less than three points? Definitely not worth it. If you jumped on the short side during the day, you must be very disappointed today.  May be one more attempt to the downside will be made tomorrow. But so far 1300 level have held throughout the week and depending up what happens tomorrow, I think we have a tradable base for the next patriotic rally. I better give a nice name to the coming rip. How about “Fast and Furious”?  Congress and Holders both should be happy.

What caused today’s massive “U” turn, only the manipulators know. Rumour is, someone purchased $ 3 billion worth of emini contracts and that caused the stampede. Whatever it is, it is not a definite trend. Just stupid gyration of momentum chasing bots.  And while we will get another rip soon, selling is by no means over. I keep writing, there is no panic in the market and as such no bottom yet. May be the bottom will come around 1230 or so and it will come by end of July.

Whatever it is, this guy cannot stop smiling today. Although the Court said the Obamacare is a tax on American people but the congress has constitutional right to tax Americans. It was a funny kind of day when FIX news and largely irrelevant CNN came out shouting that Obamacare has been repelled by US Supreme Court and then the stock market revert back up on some other rumour.  But Gold and crude did not recover much. Crude is over sold by a mile and is due for a bounce. May be it will bounce along with the equities next week.

The real news was that Barclays Bank has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar. The fine it has been asked to pay, $ 450 million + is just a slap on the wrist and is nothing compared to the tsunami of legal challenges facing it. I think it will have to make provisions for billions of dollars of legal settlements.  Who might be the losers in this rigging? One group that comes to mind are the investors who purchased short term bonds from the banks linked to LIBOR rate. The name of the guy looking over it is Bob Diamond. Kind of rimes with Dimon, whose bank now appears to be sitting over a loss of over $ 5 billion. And when they are caught red handed in wrong doing, they blame the small fishes in the food chain. The boss gives tacit approval for the wrong and illegal acts and collects millions of dollars of bonuses. Just what Barclays did between 2005 and 2009. And it is not just Barclays, HSBC, RBC, CITI, UBS and many others are involved. Is it any wonder that the Bankers are vilified and called Banksters? There is “Systemic Dishonesty” in everything that these TBTF Banks do. But nothing will happen to the big bosses. Didn’t we just see that during the Senate hearing of Jamie Dimon?

Tomorrow there will be photo-ops from the Euro leaders and some sort of statement. While for the sake of market, I think they say something soothing, personally I hope Germany tells them all to drop dead. Now the Euro cup final will be played between Spain and Italy. This is what is called “Battle of two losers”. ECB must be very proud that both its sponsored countries have made it to final.

Anyway, the last day of June is mostly bearish. Dow down 15 of the last 20 and Nasdaq down 6 straight. I think it will be down day tomorrow and that fits well with the pattern of 2011. Last July there were 5 red days before it made the final top. So far we have 4 red days. So one more red day is in order. Tomorrow will tell the story.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In No Man's Land.

We are in that zone again, that 30 point up or down move day after day from middle of May onward.

By and large there is not much action really in the market and it is as if folks are going though the motion for the benefit of day traders. Or is this the calm before the storm? And already the hourly charts have moved from over- sold to over- bought.

Today everything was up. Equities, gold, crude, bond and US $. The divergence between equities and FX is quite big.

So who will catch up? If there is some good news from the four wise leaders of Europe, may be Euro will go up and equities will reach moon.  We will have to wait and see. If on the other hand, nothing comes out of the 913th Euro meeting, we may see bit of selling. Tomorrow is going to another important (impotent?) day for the market. The fate of Obamacare will be decided and then news from Euro summit. As you all know, I hate to take or even suggest to take any position before uncertainty. 

I am still debating whether to take any long position in the coming rip-fest. It will be like what I wrote yesterday: picking up pennies in front of a steam roller. There is nothing in the market except central bank liquidity which can move the market higher. Either the Fed or ECB or someone from somewhere will have to feed the junkies. Till that happens, the road is pointing down.  

I think the best trade now would be to wait for the market to reach either resistance or support and see if they hold. It is not necessary to force a trade here or take a trade just because we are bored. In the mean time,let me share with you a nugget of gold, an Analog which is not silly.

(Hat Tip: ED Matts)
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BUILD TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG - Get into Search Engines


In order for your blog to come up in search engine results, the search engine must know it exists. Getting discovered, and indexed, by search engines is a critical first step to securing search engine traffic.

Contrary to the beliefs held by some, a search engine cannot simply “find” your blog on its own. It must be led to the blog in some fashion. There are two general ways by which this can happen. You can either tell the search engine about your blog, or you can devise a means by which it will find you.

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You can directly submit your blog to Google, for instance. However, it may take the search engine months to get around to your request. At some point, in frustration, you might be led to submit the information again. There are fairly credible reports that frequent submission of a blog directly to the search engine may actually lead to a penalty. They would prefer to find you all by themselves. I have personally not noticed any problems with direct submission to MSN’s search engine. However, considering the variety of ways by which one can be found without utilizing direct submission, it does not seem necessary to tip off MSN in that manner.


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Usability, as it relates to online endeavors, can involve everything from site structure to color choices. With respect to written content, we will primarily be concerned with constructing posts that comport with readers’ preferences and expectations for written materials.

Internet readers tend be “scanners.” They generally scan a page or post and then make a determination as to whether or not to invest more time and effort in reading the material carefully. If their scan does not provide them with something to grab their attention and interest, they are more likely to click away than they are to continue reading.
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How do I find which keywords are popular for searches in my niche? There are a variety of free online tools available to help with keyword research. Earlier, we mentioned Nichebot, which does an admirable job of showing what phrases and keywords are in “high demand.” A quick Google search for “keyword finder” and other similar phrases should provide you with some other options. There are paid services, like WordTracker, that also assist in keyword research, but free options remain available.
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SWA - Leader in UK John Botting - Video Diary

This is a testimony of John Botting about his experience in doing the SUPREME WEALTH ALLIANCE (SWA) ULTIMATE as his business.

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Internet Marketing - in Panda and Penguin view

I stumble upon this GREAT video in YOUTUBE about internet marketing fro IMMarketingReview Channel. It's a quick preview on what INTERNET MARKETING is.

I was once BOMBARDED with INFORMATION OVERLOAD, but today the overload seems to SHRINK down a little bit. Especially when I watched this video.

The INTERNET is a VAST place to be, and let's face it, you cannot get EVERYTHING on it.

Focus is really important, just do what you love and love what you do.

Happy viewing!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BUILD TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG - Create readership

Good content creates a readership.

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You can get an idea of the competition and interest levels by using any of a number of freely available online tools. One tool I have found to be invaluable and easy to use is Nichebot at It operates almost like a search engine: you type in the word or string in which you are interested and it then supplies you with a breakdown of how many people are searching for that phrase (and related phrases) every month. It then provides you with an indication of how many sites online contain the words in your search phrase. It even goes so far as to express the ratio of sites to searchers, making determinations of a niche’s viability relatively simple. Nichebot offers some additional tools that can make subject selection easier.

Ideally, you will find a hot topic with little competition. However, that is far easier said than done! One could spend days plugging possible subjects into Nichebot without finding a wildly underserved group of searchers for a topic in which the blogger has an interest. However, it does a great job of letting one know what they might be up against in terms of competition and occasionally you can discover some very interesting gaps in the information market.

Third, remember that although finding an underserved niche will make your life easier, it is not necessarily a requirement for success. There are some people who will tell you that operating in a competitive sector is great. After all, you know in advance that there are hordes of potential visitors on a hot topic. All you have to do is give them a reason to come to you instead of others. That is, of course, easier said than done. However, if you are up for a challenge and believe you can offer something that will truly separate you from the rest; you may consider blogging in a competitive field.

BUILD TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG - Content and links

What produces traffic?

What is it about some websites that makes them popular destinations for a huge number of visitors? 

Why are some blogs checked out by tens of thousands of people every day while others struggle to find a single visitor? 

The issue of traffic can be complicated. There are a variety of factors at play, and every strategy can be dissected and the details debated ad infinitum.

However, there are two keys to traffic upon which everyone can agree: Content and Links.

Content is essential to traffic flow.
You have to offer something that makes your site worth visiting. Content creates repeat visitors, increases their stay, encourages word-of-mouth type promotion and assists in improving a blog’s standing with the search engines.

Every link can conceivably serve a traffic producer.
If someone finds a link to your blog on another site, they are only one mouse-click away from being part of your traffic. Search engines also assess the number and quality of links to your blog. They regard sites that are linked to frequently as authoritative and reward them with higher placement in search engine results.
So, if you want traffic to your blog, you need to do two things: Provide content and acquire links. The end result should be higher traffic numbers for your blog.

Bear Flag and Unfilled Gap.

I am not an expert in TA, not by a long shot. More of an arm chair technical analyst. But it looks like a bear flag to me. What do you think?

Also there is this area of unfilled gap which I have been writing about for a while and that is my target area before any bounce. Well, if the market decides to ignore that gap, I cannot argue with it but I think chances are high that tomorrow we will see another down day and maybe we will get a chance to fill that gap. That is also the area of strong support. All in all, not yet right time to play for the bounce.

If you look at the chart of yesterday, we were due for this green day. Should I call this an Analog? Nah! I don’t have much faith on Analogs. They are fun to watch when they happen, but it is suicidal to take action based on Analogs. We better have some other edge in trading or investing.

Nothing changed fundamentally in the world today. Despite the tension in Middle East, Crude did not budge much. Gold is hanging there by a thread. Euro land remained front and centre of the market. And no one is talking about the bigger mess that is America. But this constant up and down without a clear direction is draining for both the bulls and bears. You really have to be super smart to win in this market or luck or both. The last sell-off which took SPX from 1358 to 1314 has severely discouraged the bulls. Today it gained a mere 6 points which it may give back tomorrow and some more. If the plan is to discourage retail and then jack up the whole thing on super light volume, then it is successful. We will soon know. Even if we want to play for a bounce, it has to be super quick and for a very short time.

Every world leader is talking of growth and austerity. The leaders of the failed states like Greece or Spain are blaming Austerity for the ills of their country. But where is this “Austerity” that they keep talking about? They have not reduced spending. Per latest report, Greece did not reduce the number of its public sector employees that it agreed when it took the bailout. Why I am not surprised. What austerity measures Spain took or for that matter France or Britain? What % of GDP they saved through Austerity? What these countries have been doing all these years if they are talking about Growth only now? Politicians are same everywhere be it Spain or Uganda. May be now-a-days they are less corrupt in Uganda.

But these things will run its own course and nothing will change however we may shout. We just want to eke out a living and survive from these crooks. That’s it for today. Thanks for reading . Please do re-tweet of you think it is useful.

5 Persuasion Techniques To Get Anyone's Attention Fast

Selling something is significantly effective if you have PERSUASION TECHNIQUES. Persuasions is simply convincing or enticing others to do what you want them to do. Either it be leading a group, buying you goods or simply asking a favor.

In this video, you will get to know 5 simple PERSUASION techniques that you can use to get people do what you want them to do.

Technique 1: Enter their world
Technique 2: Know the right timing 
Technique 3: Establish Trust and Get Liked
Technique 4: Get them Interested
Technique 5: Arouse their curiosity

How to verify your PayPal Account with Smart Money

Smart Money Card Sample    

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    1. After UNLOCKING your Card.. Immediately click on the Add Card button at Paypal
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    SWA - Filipino Home Based business

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    Monday, June 25, 2012

    Calvin Economics.

    So far things are going as anticipated. No major surprise yet. The 1300 line held in SPX and the gap in SPY has not yet been tested. It is as if the last 15 trading seasons did not happen. Why last 15, we are back to where we were on January 31st of this year. All the euphoria of March now seems like a distant dream. The moods are as gloomy as it can get and yet folks are so conditioned with the Bernanke tonic that there is no real fear or panic in the market. Here in North America, we have found a good scapegoat to blame, that is Europe and particularly Germany. Why Germany is refusing to wallow in the mud like the rest of the PIIGS? Why it is refusing to do the same thing that others have done, i.e. borrow and spend what they do not have. Yes, the poor Greeks may have lied and cheated and extorted and spent money which was not their in the first place but so what. After all, you can print money out of thin air. Hasn’t the great super power America done that over and over again? Nothing has happened to America, yet.  But do not despair, even if Germany is not ready to walk to path of destruction, the great nation of American is committed to kick the can down the road. Till the road ends. And all roads end somewhere sometime. But I do not know much. To understand it better, ask Calvin how it works.

    Enough of macro economic nonsense. There are smarter people than me, like Bernanke or Kurgman, who know what is best for America. I am just concerned how I do save what little I have from these gentlemen and their brothers. This weakness / sell-off in market was well anticipated and  I wrote that there will one more bounce in the 1st week of July. In the very short term, the question is, when does that bounce starts and when does it end.  I think it is possible that we will see little more selling. Then on Thursday the honorable manipulators will have something to hang their coats on from Europe. The last two days of window dressing can start in earnest whereby they can suck in the fresh 401K money coming in the market in the beginning of July. So I would expect bounce from Wednesday or Thursday till about the 1stweek of July. Do we play this bounce? It all depends. Are we investors? If so, stay away. Are we nimble traders? Then give it a shot. But remember, it is like picking up pennies in front of a turbo charged steam roller and the steam roller has aids. (Hat tip: Josh Brown). Short term, one hour charts are bit oversold and a bounce can happen.

    The pattern is looking so similar to last year.

    No need to match 2011 SPX with 2012 AUD and then match 2012 AUD with 2012 SPX. If you like analogs, simply match 2011 SPX with 2012 SPX. Such a rally is a selling opportunity but be aware of the levels.

    I think July will be very exciting for the bears. Because unless there is pain and panic, Bernanke will not be able to hand out money. I am repeating myself 461 times now but so far my theory has proved right. There is only so much wiggle room left for these bright folks. It is like playing chess and anticipating the next move of your opponent. Only we are playing against those who want to fool us forever. With its ZRIP policy, the Fed is forcing Pension funds and ordinary investors to take unnecessary risk while on the other hand it provides free money to the TBTF banks to bet against. With no growth in income, job or economy, you can easily guess the direction of the market, no need for a PHD.

    Thanks for reading Please forward / re-tweet / post it on your wall and join me in twitter. (Twitter @ BBFinanceblog)

    BLOGGER TUTORIALS 04 - Adjusting Blogger Settings

    video courtesy of


    • Title and Description
    • Blog URL
    • Blog address
    • Adding authors
    • Lightbox for pictures
    • Comment moderation
    • Mobile options
    • Language Settings
    • Site Feeds

    Try to be familiarized with this settings. Try to adjust them to your taste or to maximize your blogging potentials. You can use this for others to easily read your posts and how they can easily find you in the internet. So better be familiar with these settings if you want it make big in blogging.

    BLOGGER TUTORIAL 03 - Settings and Blog Postings

    video coutesy of

    STEP 3 - Settings and Blog Posting

     In here you will get to know how to:
    • Change the name of your blog
    • Add description
    • Write text
    • Embed video
    • Put a link to a website
    • Put a post title
    • Publish
    Constant posting on your blog is VERY VERY important, because GOOGLE monitors ACTIVE blogs, and most likely you have always fresh content, your site will be easily listed in the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE. This GREATLY helps you get visitors searching for your topic.

    It is also important to use related words for your topic. This helps SEARCH ENGINE find your blog easily..

    Inserting related videos in your posts and linking to related websites, improves the quality of your post, and also helping others by LEADING readers and visitors to their blog or website.

    Constant posting is very helpful, but don't just post anything, post QUALITY POSTS thus making the internet a better place of learning


    video courtesy of


    After SIGNING UP for a new Blogger blog, it is BEST to know first the DASHBOARD. This will your back office for your blogging agenda. Most likely you would visit this often so better be familiar with it to MAXIMIZE each function.

    Just take a lot at the video for you to know everything there is in the dashboard so BLOGGING would be more fun even before you start.

    BLOGGER TUTORIAL 01 - How to setup a new blog on BLOGGER tutorial

     video courtesy of


 is a one of the GOOGLE SITES. It is connected with GMAIL. If you have an EXISTING GMAIL, you can use it for your NEW BLOG. But if you are planning to be a PRO-BLOGGER, better CREATE a NEW GMAIL, so you can separate every activity for your new blog. Setting up is a breeze, this video shows us a step by step tutorial to setup a GMAIL and a BLOGGER account

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    How to setup a Payza Account

    Payza is one of the well known payment processors used in online money making. It was formerly known as AlertPay, but it changed its and and some features only this 2012.

    It is a must to have an account in Payza, if you are venturing to make money online.

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    When you visit, it will show you this. Just a notice to all Alertpay users that it changed it's name into Payza. All you have to do is click on the Signup Now  button on the upper right corner of the site.
    Upon clicking, it will take you to, again just click on the SIGNUP NOW button.








    It will let you choose an the type of account you want to choose.


    After choosing your ACCOUNT TYPE, Just fill out the form with the personal information needed.


    Next will be the account information, where in you will put your account USERNAME and PASSWORD. which you will use to LOG IN and MAKE TRANSACTIONS.


    Next step is to VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT. A CONFIRMATION link will be sent to the email you have registered with and you must CLICK on the CONFIRMATION LINK given.


    You will see something like this in your email. Just CLICK and you are good to go.



    Upon confirmation, you can now LOG IN with your email or username and password. You account is now ACTIVE, but it is still UNVERIFIED, Meaning it is limited.

    Your unverified account has limitations

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    How to setup a PayPal Account

    PayPal is one of the widely used INTERNET PAYMENT PROCESSORS. If you are off to make money online, be sure to have an account.
    PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect or account balances, without sharing financial information.

    PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide. Available in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

    PayPal has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the internet industry and the business community -most recently the 2006 Webby Award for Best Financial Services Site and the 2006 Webby People's Voice Award for Best Financial Services Site.

    Located in San Jose, California, PayPal was founded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay in 2002.

    Watch this instructional video from Paypal to know more

    How to Setup a PayPal Account

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