Monday, June 25, 2012

BLOGGER TUTORIAL 03 - Settings and Blog Postings

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STEP 3 - Settings and Blog Posting

 In here you will get to know how to:
  • Change the name of your blog
  • Add description
  • Write text
  • Embed video
  • Put a link to a website
  • Put a post title
  • Publish
Constant posting on your blog is VERY VERY important, because GOOGLE monitors ACTIVE blogs, and most likely you have always fresh content, your site will be easily listed in the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE. This GREATLY helps you get visitors searching for your topic.

It is also important to use related words for your topic. This helps SEARCH ENGINE find your blog easily..

Inserting related videos in your posts and linking to related websites, improves the quality of your post, and also helping others by LEADING readers and visitors to their blog or website.

Constant posting is very helpful, but don't just post anything, post QUALITY POSTS thus making the internet a better place of learning