Monday, July 16, 2012



Owner: Unknown - of Belgium
Since: 2008
Current Whois:

Minimum Cashout: $7.99
Payment Method: Paypal, Payza,
Pay per Ad: $0.001 to $0.0005
Numbers of Ad per day: 35+
Average daily income on clicks: $0.035

BuxP is one of the elite sites running ever since 2008. It has a variety of ways to earn.

  • Browse ads
  • Browse video ads
  • Browse video offers
  • Browse offer
  • Browse surveys

You can also promote ads and it also has a traffic exchange, where you can promote your website in exchange of your traffic exchange credits

BuxP gives a lot of ads every day, and a unique video ads. These are Youtube videos that you will be paid to watch. Unfortunately, it is only for upgraded members.

You have many ways of earning from this site much more if you upgrade.Upgraded members receives more than 100 ads, FREE 5 referrals and some advertising credits.

One thing quite unlikely about BuxP is their porn or adult ads. Though it is somewhat not that "porn" but kids should definitely be guided here. But it is not visible to users under 18.

Not really sure how the REVENUE SHARING PROGRAM means, but it says users get a share of the sites revenue of advertising purchases.

All in all, BuxP has performed well throughout the years, and we hope it'll perform better. One of the elite sites you should be in if you are into PTC sites