Saturday, August 11, 2012

Illusion In The Wonderland.

1st , let me apologies for my absence for the last few days. I was hoping that I will get some respite after 8thAugust but now it seems my pressure situation will continue till mid-Sept. But that’s life, so no point cribbing.

Coming back to market, I would like to start with some interesting COT data. We would do well to remember that COT report does not result in immediate action. It just shows what smart money is doing well in advance behind the scene while the retail is distracted. The 1st  chart is the S&P Emini contracts. 

The smart money has gone short from last week while retail is long.

The 2nd chart is more dramatic and it is a chart of Nasdaq.

The short interest in Nasdaq by the smart money is huge and is a real concern. It seems that at any point of time, retail will be left holding the bag full of crap.

The whole of last week the markets have struggled to move higher and have made multiple tops. It may still make one more break out on Monday or Tuesday, which is also the top as per my cycle analysis. Again, this is not an exact science, but it has proven to be fairly accurate in the past with few days variation. Looking for top is of course a fool’s errand and front running is a bad idea. The reason is not to time the market exactly, but to reduce risk by reducing any long exposure. I am short but in a very limited way and would not increase the short position unless I get the confirmation of the breakdown.

I do not buy the bull logic because I think fundamentally, the world is in a recession and Europe is just taking a rest with everyone in vacation. Nothing has been solved for the stock market to go up. I think the only way it can go up any further is through central bank liquidity, be it Mario or Bernanke. One chart from Mr. Dominic Cimino of PPC tells an interesting story.

The green line is the ratio of XRT to XLP. XRT is the retail sector ETF where as XLP is the consumer staples ETF. When the ratio is rising, it means retail sector is doing well. Retail sector does well when consumers are spending money. And we all know that 70% of American economy runs on consumer spending. When the ratio is going down, it means consumer staples are doing better and retail is going south. Which also means the economy is not really doing well. So when the green line is moving up, SPX should move up and when the green line is moving down, SPX should move down. Simple but powerful concept and it had indicated both the downmove of 2008 and upmove of 2009. Now we see a divergence with green line moving down while SPX moving up. This definitely calls for caution and I do not think there is much to be bullish about unless of course, and again, Ben shows us the colour of the money.

There are many technical divergences which is calling for a top but all these divergences take time to work out. In a way, that’s how the smart money plays with the muppets. While they are busy selling at the top, they create an illusion of new prosperity. And with the markets being manipulated like never before, volume at extreme low level, their job is not that difficult. I think higher the market goes from here, harder it will fall.
Also let us not forget that if the markets continue at this level, there will be no free money coming from Ben. That is not exactly helpful to the Banksters. So be prepared for some action in the coming weeks. In all possibilities, volatility will spike from next week and a crescendo will be reached by end of the Month. It has taken longer than I anticipated but by not front running we have avoided all the whipsaw and mental agony. As I always say, in this present environment, return of capital is more important than return on capital. So be safe out there.

Hope you are having fun in this beautiful weekend. Stay sharp and filter the noise. Thanks for reading . Please forward / re-tweet / post it on your wall and join me in twitter. (Twitter @ BBFinanceblog)